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Applied Cloud's new offer:  Cloud Control for Windows Virtual Desktop

Introducing Cloud Control for WVD, Applied Cloud System's  single-pane management console that provides a better Windows Virtual Desktop experience. 

As organizations look to create a flexible remote Environment for their workforce, they need an equally flexible solution.  Cloud Control makes it easy to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale your network based  on the active needs of users.

Easily deploy hundreds of nodes without fail.  Define configuration for you hose pools for optimal usage scenarios.  Seamlessly update images and manage version control.  Define scaling logic and optimize for multiple scenarios Troubleshoot issues with Comprehensive logging.

Cloud Control for WVD reduces the burden of heavy administrative workload and the need for extensive knowledge of Azure. Optimize legacy on-premise investments, reduce network costs, and maximize ROI. 

Leverage Cloud Control for WVD to save time and money by paying only for what you need.

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Applied Clouds Windows Virtual Desktop Webinar for Nonprofit

We are excited to offer our Windows Virtual Desktop for Nonprofit webinar presented by ACS and Microsoft.  Our Practice Delivery Manager, Christopher Bennett will be guiding us through WVD and how it can improve day-to-day productivity.  Details will be shared about our new solution Cloud Control and how our solution offers a single-pane management consol that simplify the deployment and management of Windows Virtual Desktop. 


ACS Spotlight on
Brian McDade

Brian McDade took many side roads prior to landing as Applied Cloud’s Sr. Cloud Engineer. His career interest couldn’t be more different; however, he created a balance that works for him and his family.

After graduating from what is now Pittsburgh Technical College, Brian joined a dial-up internet provider and computer repair shop, but quickly realized his desire to have music be a focal point in his life.  This drummer packed up and headed to Southern California where he was able to practice both technology and music.  He worked in technical support during the day and played drums at such iconic places like Whiskey A Go-Go, or in a studio with Chicago band members and other national recording artists at night. 

After a few years, Brian made his way back east and held tech positions at firms such as Allegiant Managed Care, MSP World and DDI as a System Operations Technician.  It is there that he met up with Applied Clouds co-founder and CTO, James Hughes.  Years later, Brian heard about an opportunity to join James again as a Cloud Engineer at ACS. 
Hi from Brian and Jenny
The work ethic and strong work-life balance Jim supported made it an easy choice for Brian to come join the ACS Team. Understanding that Cloud Technology was ‘where the world was going’, he wanted to be a part of the technology that would change the roadmap of how business is done.

With the ever-changing environment of technology, there is always something new to learn. The unbelievably smart team Brian is a part of are always willing to help, offer support, or give direction.  It is a unique group that ACS is fortunate to call ours.

Over the past few two months technology has played a major role in getting university’s and organizations to continue with operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Brian quickly developed the necessary skills to implement Windows Virtual Desktop and wrote PowerShell for our Cloud Control solution which provides a smoother WVD process for our customers

When not being a “neeerrrdd”, as deemed by his wife Jenny, Brian enjoys spending time with his family of 6 by playing games, going to the drive-in, or attending school concerts and football games.  When the time comes for a ‘date night’ this rock and roll couple will travel across the state to see bands like Tool, KoRn, and Halestrom.  They are keeping fingers crossed the Motley Crue Show is still happening in August!! 

He is still able to practice his love of music professionally with
Entertainment 82, a DJ and Entertainment company he and his wife started back in 2012.  They cater to wedding and private events, providing D.J.’s, karaoke, and other games Brian has personally designed!

Having traveled throughout the country, Brian has always brought the ‘yinzer’ along with him and is proud when he is recognized as a Pittsburgher.  He believes, ACS is a true representation of the burgh by our pride and genuine kindness to people.

Thank you Brian, for your willingness to always dive in to get the job done.  We appreciate this “Yinzer” and are happy to have him on our team!