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Applied Cloud  offers support amid COVID-19 

In the wake of the Global Pandemic that we have come to know as COVID-19, we wanted to share what Applied Cloud Systems is doing to assist in these unprecedented times. The impact is still unclear, but we do know that this will alter our daily lives as we know it.

The Applied Cloud System’s team have been working around the clock to support our customers with Windows Virtual Desktop  and Microsoft Teams deployment for those with the option to work from home. Because this may be a new, unfamiliar technology for some, we have opened up our
support line for questions concerning Microsoft Teams.

Our staff has been crucial in the implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop at several universities so students can continue to learn and professors can continue to teach.

It is with great honor that we have been working closely with state and local agencies to leverage Microsoft Healthcare Bot to enable conversational AI as a part of their COVID-19 response plans.

We are proud of how our incredible team have banded together to make a better tomorrow.
Applied Clouds Windows Virtual Desktop for Education

Earlier this month, our Practice Delivery Manager, Christopher Bennett presented a WVD webinar focusing on the educational space.  He shared insights on how we moved several universities to online teaching and learning in response to COVID-19 Global Pandemic.  It also explores  our design approach witch  simplifies WVD Implementation by leveraging the burst-able nature of the cloud, and discussed multiple deployment paths to allow for immediate adoption of workloads.  

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ACS Spotlight on
Patsy Pollice
And now, we'd like you to meet an ACS presence, Patsy Pollice, Practice Delivery Manager, Cloud Architect, Cloud DevOps Engineer.  His journey to Applied Cloud Systems took a circuitous route with pitstops at helpdesks, adult educator for Microsoft MCSE, Comptia A+ and Cisco CCNA courses, and back to roots in engineering and architecture.  He started his career 22 years ago, shortly after returning home from the military.  While juggling being a single dad and a full-time gig, he put himself through school in the evenings. After completion he landed his first IT role as a help desk technician working for a telco group specializing in Novell.

He quickly moved into consulting and absolutely loved that it gives you the chance to see so many different environments, with so many configurations and options, as well as the challenges to stay ahead of the curve in technology. He took advantage of the learning available to him and absorbed as much as he could with anything technology he could get his hands on. He learned from anyone and everyone that was willing to share and point him in the right direction, feeding his desire to be the best he could be for his girls. 

A project that stands out as a highlight for Patsy was one of the first digital transformations at a higher education institute.  There were quite a few challenges to overcome while creating a governance design and migration plan for multiple data centers. 

Patsy and his dog Pugsley.  His wife is on a never ending search for Wednesday. 
The result allowed us to break into the higher education market in an explosive way that was great for ACS and Microsoft.  And now, here we are, nationwide! 

The people are hands down his favorite part of Applied Cloud. Aside from them just being fun, good people, they humble Patsy with their deep understanding and never turn away when asked “how”. The knowledge-sharing available to all at any time to get the help you need, or at least pointed in right direction, is exceptional. There is a certain camaraderie with our team that makes it feel more like family.  Our founders, James Hughes and Brian Dupper created an environment where it is not just what we do, but that we do it as a family. And that mentality extends through all our leadership team as well.  ‘We strive to be the BEST out there, to that I believe we are!’

Our resident over-achiever, Patsy has surpassed all with his certification test arsenal!  He actually takes them for “fun”, and maybe a few well deserved bragging rights.

He also enjoys taking long rides on his motorcycle, hitting the gym, or keeping his black belt current in Kung Fu. 

Patsy credits his supportive family in getting him through some tough times.  In 2015 he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and it changed his life.  He decided he was not going to let it beat him, and as he does with everything, turned the negative into a positive.  He used caloric surplus by hitting the gym hard working to get his metabolism under control, he lost 15% body fat and made some great gains on the bars.  He is now in the best shape he’s ever been.  You don’t want to mess with Patsy! 

Pittsburgh is home and always will be for this native son.  He has been all over and believes there is nowhere in the world like the Burg.  His favorite standing gag is, “If you had a polite 15-minute conversation with a wrong number, you might be from Pittsburgh”! He and his family support small and local. They recently went to
Istanbul Grille  on Braddock and enjoyed amazing food and fantastic service.  When the world re-opens, that will definitely be on list. To get the best pie in town, no question,Vincent’s Pizza Park on Ardmore, but you gotta ask for extra crispy!

Patsy is one of a kind, and ACS is lucky enough to call him family.  Thank you for all you do Patsy