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Are you prepared  for the Dynamics 365 Deprecation scheduled for this year?

October 2020 marks the one of the most notable changes for the Dynamics platform in a number of years, and organizational impact could be significant as existing features will no longer work if not addressed.  

Applied Cloud Systems is offering Dynamics 365 Unified User Interface Planning & Preparation.  We will ensure that your organization is prepared for the transition through a detailed assessment and comprehensive remediation activities.  ACS offers support throughout the entire process, resulting in no disruption to your employees or your organization.
Download information here or contact the ACS team to learn more about how you can make certain your organization is prepared for these changes to the Dynamics platform. 

Scale Manager: Improving the Student Experience with Windows Virtual Desktop
As education institutions look to attract new students, the focus is clearly on improving the educational experience. Students want to gain hands on knowledge, using the latest technologies, to help differentiate themselves in the job market. Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop can provide those capabilities to facilitate a deep learning experience for prospective students.

With Windows Virtual Desktop, students can gain access to cutting-edge tools and software leveraging pools of servers. The servers can be configured with a number of applications, including GPU-based processing, allowing students to gain experience through personal experimentation and structured lab exercises. Paring the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop with Scale Manager by Applied Cloud Systems can not only deliver a robust student experience, but in a cost-effective manner.

For more information, visit our website  or contact us!
Azure Kubernetes Seminar, Monday, February 24, 2020

Applied Cloud System's own Gabriel C. Keller will be presenting at New Horizons FREE webinar, Azure Kubernetes: What it is and how it is used. This session will include an overview, core concepts, security, and wrap up with a demonstration. New Horizons is providing  two sessions  at their Pittsburgh location on Monday February 24, 2020

Limited availability for this free webinar, register
 here today!  

ACS Spotlight on
Chris Bennett
Applied Cloud Systems would like you to meet Chris Bennett, our Practice Delivery Manager based in Rochester, NY.   With gorgeous mountain views and majestic lakes, he truly believes Rochester is the perfect place to live. 

The route to ACS for Chris started back when he was just 12 years old while he was taking computers apart and re-building from the ground up, eventually leading him to build out networks in his early teens.   He took a brief detour and studied history and political science all while owning and running a small bakery in Rochester.  Realizing his skill set leaned toward technology, he took a leap to the tech scene in 2007.

Chris started working at a large MSC,  building out their cloud program from start to finish.  The power of social media stepped in and connected Chris to Jim Hughes, our Chief Technology Officer.  After discussing opportunities, Jim saw that Chris would be a great fit for ACS. Chris was drawn to the visionary leadership ACS offered and eagerly made the transition. He has since collaborated in driving  our organizations  vision to successfully be in the forefront of the New York markets.
He boasts our team of cloud technologist are a tight group of talented folks that support and encourage each other. If there are questions or challenges that surface, they rely on each other to share knowledge and solve pending concerns. 

If Chris had to highlight one specific project, he was  proud to be a part of, it would be for a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering international education. The opportunity encompassed closing a large Manhattan data center and shutting down substantial rack space.  It was a soup to nuts project that used the entire Azure platform.  The clients were easy to do business with and had a defined vision of what they wanted to do.  They were ready to take the necessary steps to get there, resulting in a smooth transition that completely encompassed the Dark to Cloud concept. 
Chris carries his passion for all things technical over into his personal time.  He builds supercomputers with top-end hardware that modifies programming to allow for a faster computer that pushes limits in his gaming.  He embraces the chilly Rochester weather by skiing the many beautiful mountains that surround his hometown.  In warmer weather, you will find him and his family boating the many lakes  while enjoying his famous smoked chicken wings.

When he is not creating masterpieces in the kitchen, his go-to for a fantastic meal is
Bernard's Grove.  The seafood and filet  are delicious! He also hits up Windjammers Bar & Grill and Irondequoit for a more casual vibe while watching the Buffalo Bills or Boston Celtics. 

With Chris's determination and his attention to detail on all projects that come his way, Applied Cloud has star power. Thanks for all you do Chris, we are lucky to have you!