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SQL Server Success at Zoll
Recently, Zoll, a valued Applied Cloud Systems customer, reached out to our team and expressed their gratitude on an ongoing project we are leading.  They initially contacted ACS to implement a high-volume load-testing solution for SQL Server, to see how it responds to stress. We utilized SQL Server Distributed Replay, which enables Zoll to test the scalability and stability of their databases under heavy usage. A high-volume, stress-oriented workload is captured and replayed against test servers using SQL Server Distributed Replay. This helps to simulate real-world conditions. The replay is monitored, and the results can be analyzed and tuned to ensure the highest level of performance.

Nick Breinich, Advisory Technical Program Manager at Zoll, commented, “I don’t send feedback like this to every company we partner with, it just feels like it happens on every ACS project. The ACS Team is a joy to work with. Their technical knowledge and overall attitude have helped establish confidence with our DBAs (not easy to earn) and lowered my overall concerns about this SQL upgrade project (similarly not that easy).  Much like yourselves, we juggle a lot of different things here at a pretty rapid clip. What doesn’t stress me out is working with ACS on this project. I’ve learned a lot about the technical aspects of what the team have been doing, and they have been incredibly patient while I’m running around trying to get the right ISO files on VMs, SQL permissions, shared folders, etc.  I’m sure this project will help us establish confidence in the ability of our SQL environment to sustain production workloads. What’s really cool is that we are having some fun and learning along the way.”

The collaborative efforts between Zoll and ACS create an efficient and productive environment with forward thinkers leading the project, resulting in solutions with quick turnaround.  Applied Cloud Systems is fortunate to have such supportive and engaging customers.  

Upgrading your SQL Server has never been easier.  The ACS team of experts are ready to help optimize operations and communications of critical data for your organization.  Contact us today to learn more!

Dynamics 365 Migration at Intalere 

Applied Cloud Systems has had much success at Intalere, a professional supply chain company offering a comprehensive suite of services to empower healthcare providers to better manage their entire non-labor spend and ultimately deliver superior care. ACS has implemented many improvements to help build new capabilities for Intalere’s day-to-day operation.  Recently, the CRM team at ACS moved  their on-prem Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365, resulting in improved productivity and performance and allowing Intalere to take advantage of all the features the cloud has to offer.  Seeing the value and experience of the cloud team at ACS,  Intalere continued the momentum by engaging with Power BI, Azure Kubernetes, and will complete a SharePoint Online migration.  We continue to partner with Intalere on regular requests to improve, upgrade, and execute.

Contact our sales team for more information on a Dynamics 365 migration for your organization!
Happy Holidays from ACS

As we enter our fourth year, we realize this milestone was made possible by the support of our customers, partners, family and friends. It has been an amazing year full of growth, wisdom, and fulfillment. We offer our thanks, and wish you much peace and great joy during this holiday season and throughout the year!
ACS Spotlight on
Andrew Jasper
Andrew Jasper, Applied Cloud Systems Sr. Cloud Engineer, took an interesting path to Applied Cloud Systems.  Check out his story!

Moving from California to Pittsburgh at a young age, Andrew naturally developed an easy going, adaptive attitude.  He graduated from Penn State University  with an Economics degree.  By default, he stumbled into the technology field,  and found his passion. He got his feet wet in a small tech shop getting involved in SQL Server, reporting and analytics.  His experience grew to larger firms, gaining experience with each opportunity. 

Watching Pittsburgh emerge from a steel town to a tech town with a mid-west vibe, has been a welcome evolution for Andrew. The opportunities for start-ups generated from top educational organizations has created a hot bed of growth that eventually created his path to ACS.

Andrew's first project with ACS holds a particular soft spot for him.  He built a data warehouse for central reporting for  a large law office in Pittsburgh.  We created  systems for them to easily capture reporting details like where revenue is, how data is being used, and connecting the dots across the business cycle.  The law firm had attempted to work through this request with a few Pittsburgh based firms, but ACS was the one that got them on the right path.  

As mentioned, a few of our team members have been deeply involved in a SQL Server  project at
Zoll, implementing the high volume load-testing solution. Not only did a successful occur through the course of this engagement, but a solid team effort from both parties created efficient working relationships.
Being a part of the collaborative work environment has been one of the stand outs for Andrew at ACS.  We embrace a teach and learn culture.  Because of Andrew's initial start in Economics, he initially felt he had to "catch up" on computer science and theory.  The ACS folks are given the flexibility  to share tools and techniques to get him on point. It is a developer environment for developers.  He believes the cloud engineers and architects care about the (right) stuff and support each others growth.    

When Andrew is not deep diving into all things Cloud, he supports local sports teams, in particular the Penguins.  As a true Pittsburgher, an occasional early morning 
Primanti Bros. run to the Strip Dist. or Big Jim's in Greenfield is a perk he absolutely embraces! He  is pretty active and enjoys time spent at In the Run, Moraine State Park, playing tennis or skiing.  

Thanks for all you do Andrew, we are so glad you are a part of the ACS team!