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The Future is Now
Windows Virtual Desktop is here, and it is changing how we do business. While hosted on Azure, WVM provides the infrastructure needed to support application or desktops on Windows 10, Windows Server, or legacy desktops. It allows organizations and their employees to work on any device, anywhere. Providing flexibility as your business evolves, Virtual Machines is highly scalable and always up-to-date. Desktops and apps are deployed in minutes with built -in security and compliance features. Microsoft has dedicated one billon annually on cyber security research and development on VM alone.

To add even more value to your Windows Virtual Desktop implementation, Applied Cloud has developed a fully-featured Autoscaling solution.  Configurable to respond to peak usage times, session load, etc., ACS’ Autoscaling makes additional virtual hosts available to your WVD host pool when demand is high and removes them when they’re no longer needed – improving end-user experience and giving you greater control in managing your virtual infrastructure costs.
Drive your business or organization further and allow Applied Cloud to be the roadmap that gets you there.
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Stay Guarded!
No one will argue that Azure provides the ultimate in flexibility, cost management, and cloud services - but humans make mistakes, and they can cause security issues and breaches.  

Barracuda created  Cloud Security Guardian,  a simple, automated process that maintains industry-standard best practices for you - like security "guardrails" for developmemnt. This platform manages security complience for you, reports and remediates violations, and ensures your cloud infrastructure remains secure.  Applied Cloud and
Barracuda have partnered together to offer  a free assesment for qualifing customers.  

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ACS Spotlight on
Chris Johnson

Applied Cloud would like you to meet Chris Johnson, our Practice Director and Cloud Architect.  A lifetime resident of Pittsburgh, and the  ACS House Foosball aficionado, Chris previously held Software and Data Architecture positions at Elias Savion, DDI and UPMC. 

Chris came on board to ACS after seeking additional challenges and opportunities to expand his knowledge in the cloud space.  He believed ACS was the answer and reached out to longtime friend and former co-worker of over 20 plus years, Jim Hughes, Co-Founder and CTO at Applied Cloud. 
Shortly after his on-boarding, Chris was leading the ACS team in the integration of SAP to Dynamics365 at Evoqua. The team's success on this real-time integration, created positive buzz surrounding ACS. When asked what makes Applied Cloud stand out from the rest, his answer is simple. Chris believes that we employ "...the best of the best technologists around.".
While growing up in the open spaces outside of Pittsburgh, Chris hung out with his pet goat, Gopher.  His fascination with video games and how they worked led to a major in Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh.   He  still takes time to play  Xbox One S where he and his teenage daughter engage in a competitive game of  Overwatch.  

During his time away from all things cloud, Chris and his family enjoy the Pittsburgh food and beverage scene, especially Carnegie's own
One Thirty One East and his father's homebrews from the Beermeister.    

Applied  Cloud is lucky to have Chris, his enthusiasm for cloud technology and desire to create simplified work processes for our customers.