An important message to our valued customers
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Applied Cloud Systems offers Support amid COVID-19 

Chances are you are reading our March newsletter from your home.  A "new normal" of which to adapt. We would like to offer a message of support and hope to all those who have been impacted by COVID-19. As with most organizations, Applied Cloud Systems is taking precautions to protect our employees, customers, and community. We will continue to follow the rapidly changing guidelines instilled by Governmental officials, however this will not impact the service and responsiveness you have come to expect from our staff.  

With so many making the transition to work or educate remotely using 
Microsoft Teams, ACS has opened up our expert support staff  to answer any questions you may have. We understand new technologies can be frustrating at first, we are here to help.  Send us an email, and we will make sure you get the answers you need. 

Free Windows Virtual Desktop in Education Webinar

To assit in the unprecidented impact of COVID-19 and remote education, Applied Cloud System and Microsoft have teamed up to present Windows Virtual Desktop Webinar for the Educational sector.  ACS's  Practice Delivery Manager, Christopher Bennett  will be highlighting our WVD  design approach, which simplifies Application and Desktop delivery.  A dive into eLearning and application implementation for courses will  also be explored.  Limited seating available for this April 7th webinar,  register today!
ACS Spotlight on
Kerry Unghajer

Applied Cloud Systems would like you to meet the one who keeps us all in line, Kerry Unghajer, Office Manager. She is the face behind our accounts receivable, accounts payable, and, most importantly, our coffee supply!

She began her collaboration with Brian Dupper, Applied Cloud's CEO, many years ago while they both worked at New Horizons. They quickly clicked and always talked about working together once Brian's dream of owning his own company became a reality. Both left New Horizons to explore different paths, but always stayed connected. When that call finally came, Kerry quickly jumped at the opportunity to work with Brian again.

The Applied Cloud cultural vision is something Kerry is particularly proud of. She believes the company is a part of all of us, we each hold a relevant place and support each other's successes. There is a lot of talent from differing backgrounds, bringing diversity and a well-rounded environment to our company.

When the engineers are in the office together doing what they do best, you can feel the electrical buzz in the air. They feed off each other resulting in some pretty cool stuff! She is a proud tribe member of the strong women at ACS who are here to work and learn. 

This year, Kerry was deeply involved in some healthcare decisions made by the team at Applied Cloud Systems.  She diligently worked to assist in providing a company of 36 people,  4 healthcare plans to choose from.  This painstaking challenge and complicated situation proved to be beneficial and brought options to our organization that we did not know were  possible.  

Kerry grew up camping and vacationing at a lake with her family, fostering her passion for nature. Often you will find her  outside, hiking and enjoying the fresh air. Her favorite places to visit are McConnells Mill State Park and Ohiopyle State Park.

She brings the outside in by nurturing the beautiful greenery in our office space. Kerry's talents in the kitchen have earned her the title of Gravy Master.   Comfort food and baking are also a part of her go-to's that  bring joy to her family. 

Kerry,  a self-proclaimed "sci-fi nerd",  enjoyed a Star Trek cruise last year.  She looks to this genre  to lose yourself and escape the realities we deal with each day.   The dystopia society created in Dune made this one of her all-time favorite movies.  If she could have one special power, it would be to be omniscient....all knowing!  

Pittsburgh is an incredible city with a booming cultural scene.  A Saturday afternoon checking out
The Andy Warhol Museum or a stroll through Phipps Conservatory  is a perfect way to enjoy a day in the burg.  And, while you're out exploring this beautiful city, check out some of her favorite place to grab a great lunch. Slice on Broadway in Carnegie is a staple at the ACS office as is the Cafe Delhi.  The Chicken Tiki Masala is the best!!

Thank you for all you do Kerry, ACS would not be the same without you!